The stylist


Massimo Precoma

“I know what women want. They want to be beautiful.”

Valentino’s phrase has always been my source of inspiration; it is absolutely true. Women generally want to feel beautiful particularly on their most beautiful day, which is why I decided to make my dream come true, to make the dreams of women come true.

I grew up in the bridal world and since my childhood I have had the opportunity to experience and give vent to my creativity. I have always been fascinated by new fabrics and materials and the idea of being able to create without following imposed rules or schemas moved me to start my brand Maria Pia, in honor of my mother.

I began to learn the craft of processing in time, thanks to my team of designers and stylists, and I now stand out in the bridal world thanks to our elegant and refined touch.

Our simple clothes merge with the best haute couture details and refined design.

stilista abiti da sposa Massimo Precoma
Massimo Precoma